IVC Snippets

2020/02: Liquidation preference when valuating start-ups

Liquidation preferences are particularly popular in the valuation of start-ups. Preferred shares regularly have preferential claims from liquidation proceeds (liquidation preference). In the current IVC Snippet we will analyse the effects of the liquidation preference on the company valuation. In the following, we will present a concrete valuation approach as to how the value of the shares with and without liquidation preferences can be derived from the enterprise value.


2020/01: Base Rate & Market Risk Premium – Update April 2020

The Fachausschuss für Unternehmensbewertung und Betriebswirtschaft (FAUB) of the IDW published new recommendations on cost of capital on October 25th 2019. In this IVC Snippet we will present our own analyses of the development of the base rate and the market risk premium.


2019/02: Impact of IFRS 16 on the Goodwill Impairment Test

IVC is pleased to present the second issue of the IVC Snippets.

In this Snippet, we analyse the impact of IFRS 16 for the goodwill impairment test in accordance with IAS 36. We present in a simplified example how the impairment test can be carried out properly in practice after the introduction of IFRS 16. The three main challenges are breakdown of lease payments into depreciation and interest, the reinvestment rate, and appropriate determination of cost of capital.


2019/01: Determination of the incremental borrowing rate for IFRS 16

IVC is pleased to present the first issue of the IVC Snippets. In the course of our project work we are constantly faced with new challenges and complex professional questions, for which we work out innovative and finely tuned solutions. Against this background we developed the idea to provide extracts of our work to the public.

In this Snippet IVC analyses the importance of IFRS 16 by reference to 102 HDAX-Companies. The main aspect here is the appropriate determination of the incremental borrowing rate. In the following IVC presents the IVC toolbox as a a practice-oriented solution for the derivation of an incremental borrowing rate.