What we do

We overcome your business challenges as consultants and appraisers:

  • preparation and documentation of decisions,
  • implementation of transactions and restructurings,
  • judicial and extrajudicial dispute resolution.


Agile. Individual. Personal.

Dr. Lars Franken

Dr. Lars Franken / Partner
Phone +49 (201) 31 04 83-85

Dr. Jörn Schulte

Dr. Jörn Schulte / Supervisory Board Chairman
Phone +49 (201) 31 04 83-75

David Kleine

David Kleine / Partner
Phone +49 (201) 31 04 83-88

Dr. Alexander Brunner

Dr. Alexander Brunner / Partner
Phone +49 (201) 31 04 83-72

Gender note

IVC lives and promotes diversity and equal opportunities regardless of age, cultural background, religion, handicap, sexual orientation, gender and gender identity. Inclusion, diversity and tolerance are among our core values. All personal terms apply equally to all genders, unless it is explicitly stated that a particular gender is meant.