Separate Sewage Fees and cost unit accounting

Almost all towns and communities in North Rhine Westphalia have introduced a separated accounting method for waste and rain water. Because of continuous development in industrial parks and residential areas, sealed areas are on the increase and need to be accounted for appropriately. IVC Public Services has the extensive knowhow as well as proven technical instruments and offers the following services:

  • Adaptation of community law
  • Updating area data to account rain water fees on the basis of aerial images
  • Interviews to integrate property owners into the process
  • Comprehensive public relations when implementing and updating separated waste water fees and assisting interviews
  • Appropriate allocation of water costs on waste and rain water
  • Professional consulting of customers for the implementation and update of their accounting system (workflow concepts)

Through a detailed individual analysis the several operating costs are analyzed and distributed to their field of origin. As a result proper distribution keys are determined, so that a separated estimation of fees is guaranteed.

IVC Public Services utilizes software that efficiently deals with the tasks mentioned above and we have been working with qualified engineering companies and law firms for many years.


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