Carve-out / Fusion / Strategic Alliance / Joint Venture

Transactions where parts of the company are outsourced, separated or sold and formed to a new independent unit are called Carve-Outs. Carve-Outs are often used as a preparation for the sale of a corporate unit or a stock market launch.

We conduct complex Carve-Outs for our clients, which require early and careful preparation.

We also support our clients in strategic alliances in which a close long-term cooperation between two different businesses is agreed upon contractually without neglecting the economical and legal independency of the companies involved. The goal of strategic alliances is to use the strengths of the companies involved and to compensate existing weaknesses to then realize competitive advantages together.

We also help our clients in founding Joint Ventures where legally independent companies with two or more associates can influence the business policy of this joint venture while representing their own mutual interests.

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