Management-Buy-In / MBI

In the case of a Management-Buy-In (MBI) a company is acquired by an external management.

An MBI could be an interesting solution for upcoming successor arrangements if there are no suitable successors.

We have contact to experienced managers who would like to acquire a business and  furthermore, we have contacts to leading private equity companies and family offices that could also be considered as additional investors.

Depending on the case we either support the acquisition interested manager or the company to be sold.

A selection of our services for the acquisition interested managers are:

  • the search for attractive acquisition targets
  • the development of a realistic business plan
  • the implementation of an intensive review (due diligence)
  • a realistic valuation of the company
  • support in contract negotiations until the successful completion of the project

If you are interested in a Management-Buy-in, please call us so we can promptly find out whether we can locate the right target for you.

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