Contribution Calculation

Several towns and communities also charge, along with tax related fees, one-off or recurring fees to secure and finance municipal tasks.

For the connection of a property to supply and disposal networks (water supply, canalization) development fees are assessed that need to be paid by the owner. The development and renewal of municipal streets is also partially financed by fees. IVC Public Services has extensive experience in calculations and determining fees that we gladly provide to our clients.

We provide the following services:

  • Estimating fees for drain connections according to municipal tax law
  • Estimating fees in accordance to KAG and BauGB for the development and renewal of local streets
  • Estimating fees for other municipal measures (e.g. construction of noise barriers)

Our results are always presented under consideration of all relevant technical requirements and the current jurisdiction because of our close connections to the IVC AG WPG, qualified engineering companies and law firms.


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