Fee Calculations according to municipal fiscal law

IVC Public Services offers towns, communities and municipal businesses fee and tariff calculations in accordance to local tax law of the states (KAG) as well as other relevant local requirements and the current jurisdiction. If requested, we also give our accounts legal advice that is provided by renowned consulting firms that are up to date concerning administrative law. Thus our costumers not only receive economic consulting services but also legal advice, so to speak, from one source.

We provide the following services:

  • Fee calculation according to KAG for sewage, waste, cemeteries, drinking water and street cleaning
  • Tariff calculation for drinking water in accordance to commercial law

In the course of drinking water supply, a necessity of differentiated price and fee calculations has become more important due to legal reasons and due to the fact that several utility companies have come under surveillance recently by the competition authorities and have been forced to adjust their prices. A lot of smaller drinking water suppliers usually cannot prepare these price and fee calculations demanded by the competition authorities.

IVC Public Services has created safe and proven methods to satisfy the demand for these kinds of consulting services. Our results are always presented under consideration of all relevant technical requirements and the current jurisdiction because of our close connections to the IVC AG WPG, qualified engineering companies and law firms.


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